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George Johnson is moving America to THINK!

G.B. Johnson, Inc. has helped its clients with many types of leadership and organizational challenges, providing: executive consulting, coaching and counseling, personal coaching, personal mentoring, executive leadership workshops, public presentations at corporate meetings and conventions, successful solutions and strategies to crisis and risk communication, answers for frontline, supervisory and leadership challenges, and insights into overcoming internal and external roadblocks to mission and goals.

Both public and private sector organizations today are operating on multiple levels to address complex issues in environments and economies that are dynamic and constantly in motion. For many, a responsive outside view helps those onboard remain firmly connected to the organization’s mission, vision and values. Improved responsiveness is the result of wise counsel.

George Johnson, the founder of G.B. Johnson, Inc., does not operate solo. The company uses a team of professionals with varying expertise in business, government and non-profit operations. They come together to help G.B. Johnson, Inc. clients regain their operational edge. As their leader over the years, George Johnson has spoken to thousands, delivering passionate keynote and plenary messages on subjects that cover the changing canvas of life.

They’ve laughed.

They’ve cried.

They learned more about life and themselves.

George Johnson and his colleagues are serious students of human affairs and they quickly cut to the reasons why their clients are who they are, offering timely solutions to whatever challenges they may be facing.

Whether it’s an hour or a day, let G.B. Johnson, Inc. help you and your organization reconnect yourselves to your real sources of power. Don’t wait. Do it now!

Client and Audience Commitments…


“George is an excellent trainer. He’s the ‘Dean of Public Relations’ to so many practicing communications professionals across Oklahoma. We have counted on him for years to handle complex, high-level communications matters during crises and disasters. He has never let us down.”

–- Michelann Ooten, Deputy Director, Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management.


 "George Johnson empowers the listener. He brings out the best and most courageous elements in the soul of his audience. George has the rare gift of being able to infuse an audience with his own enthusiasm and moral courage. The impact of the message is forever."

-– Jill Kelsey, APR, Journalism and Public Relations Professor, Department of Mass Communication, University of Central Oklahoma.


 “George is special, very special. Being around George makes me want to be a better person. I would recommend him in a heartbeat without reservation.”

–- Jennifer McCall, Member Services Director, Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives – Your Touchstone Energy Partner


“Mr. Johnson really got the job done when he keynoted our Carter County Black Heritage Celebration.”

–- Harold Douglass, Carter County Human Services Director.


“George was a leader at one of the most meaningful training experiences I have had in my adult life. As an educator, I was really impressed. The heart-felt sharing of experiences with each lesson made the experience really powerful”

–- Carol F. Smith, MLS, Bioterrorism Educator, Oklahoma City-County Health Department.


“When I saw him come in the room at our conference, I knew something great was about to happen… and it did.”

–- Connie Goad, Verdigris Valley Electric Cooperative, Collinsville, OK


“I haven't heard anyone as positive and proactive as George Earl Johnson since I attended one of Zig Ziglars programs. Earl made the same point as Zig. The information, etc. that a person consumes will directly affect the type of information and attitude, etc. that comes from that person. I'm holding up my scores on George...10 10 10 10 10.

— Clara Eulert, IECOK.


“George did just what we needed him to do. He brought our preparedness teams a thoughtful, spirit-filled message that motivated them for readiness during the coming storm season.”

-– Alton Gardner, Public Relations Director, Oklahoma-Arkansas District, The Salvation Army


“When the fight is over and the victory declared, you know George will still be standing victorious, with the dust of battle covering him. He’s a man that can be counted on.”

— Steve Jeffrey, Business Entrepreneur


“Dad’s got something to say. And it’s worth listening to. Trust me.”

— George Earl Johnson, III, President, 3Eagle Group, Inc.


 “George was on-target during our parent-teen summit. He sparked the fires that got us going in the right directions. He was the right person at the right time, and we are forever grateful.”

— Debra Johnson, Youth Ministry Director, St. John Missionary Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK.


Real Mentoring… In Faith



“As usual, in George Johnson style, Real Mentoring is well written... to the point... and very motivational and inspirational.

God Bless You friend.”

 Bob Burke,

Attorney and Author


 “George Johnson has a very unique knack of educating and informing through his storytelling. He uses these stories to illustrate the values and beliefs that he has gained through a wealth of personal and professional experiences. Real Mentoring In Faith adds to his previous works, by providing positive and thought provoking stories, which will benefit readers of all ages, especially young readers. This great read will enrich the lives of its readers through the words of this talented writer.”

Myron L. Pope, Ed.D.

Vice President of Student Affairs

University of Central Oklahoma


“While reading this book, whether you know it or not, you’ve entered the aura of this wonderful author, teacher, and mentor. And when you finish you’ll realize you've just been mentored by a master, who picks the right words, puts them in the right order, and in so doing nudges the world one reader at a time. A master storyteller, who with humble wit and Christian spirit reconnects us all with the pure humanity in communicating - and in reality, isn’t that what life is all about?”

Richard W. Brundage, President

Center for Advanced Media Studies


"Real Mentoring - In Faith” captures the essence of spiritual love.  Not only does George Johnson captivate the reader with wonderful examples of dazzling leadership, but he educates and informs us through a precious and treasured gift; his own true life stories.

“The most value lessons we learn often come from stories. Young people today are not hearing or reading enough good, positive stories that can add value to their lives and futures.  Through  “Real Mentoring – In Faith”  Johnson is not only able to entertain the reader with his unique style of wit and charm, but shares personal stories of accounts and people that aided in shaping him into the dynamic and faith filled leader we know and love today.

"Real Mentoring - In Faith" is an excellent and easy read that I recommend to anyone who sees value in improving their own life through investing in the lives of others.

A great book from a man who does not just talk the talk, but he walks the walk!”

Captain Chris West

Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Retired


“Knowing George Johnson as I have for twenty years, I thought I knew what I would see in his book.  I saw everything that I expected to, but I saw more than I expected to see.

Having been a mentor for more than fifty years as an executive and leader in Boy Scouts of America, and having been a certified coach to nonprofit CEO’s for the past ten years, I thought I knew mentoring.


But what I read in George’s book, and what you must read also, is mentoring of a different sort…

My mentoring has been in a professional and business sense foremost, and the personal mentoring I have done has been a byproduct.  What George demonstrates is how tightly woven all aspects of mentoring can be, when faith is the loom upon which the weaving is done.

George has done his part; now do yours and read this book!”

Paul Moore,

Executive Director

Executive Service Corps of Central Oklahoma


“My prayers are that you make the right choices.” That quote from George Johnson in “Real Mentoring” weaves its magic into this page-turner of a life’s adventures. And through the stories told to you, know the author is smiling, observing, challenging, and mentoring. From using the Old Testament’s Proverbs 31… to a missed dinner with Zig Ziglar… to $100,000 worth of chills…, George makes us appreciate life – our lives, and he challenges us to share our lives with all by mentoring intentionally and with purpose. Because as George says so well,

‘A faith worth having is a faith worth sharing.’

“Knowing George, as I do, these pages unfold the words from the heart of a man steep in his endless faith of Jesus Christ, who is the Creator of all stories of life.

“Thank you, thank you George, for sharing your deep faith as you mentor each of us along life’s journey.”

“Princess Catherine” (My treasured nickname from George!)

Catherine Meloy,

President and Chief Executive Officer

Goodwill of Greater Washington, District of Columbia


“What a triumph! In a world of bad influence and endless deprecation, there's George Johnson -- Oklahoma's indefatigable font of faith-drawn wisdom, sage advice, hard-earned lessons, and infectious joy. It's hard not to be inspired by George's lucid prose and abiding faith; his incandescent enthusiasm permeates every page. Maybe it's because George is the best kind of "people person" -- someone who can connect with others in ways that allow an evincing of truth.

Finding the extraordinary in daily life is a gift requiring keen observation, careful reflection, and a healthy dose of equanimity. That George possesses this gift in spades is apparent to anyone who journeys with him through this book, “Real Mentoring In Faith.” Consumed in whole or in morsels, George's homespun stories will raise you to a nobler place. It's a journey worth taking – a book worth reading.”

Steve Blevins, MD

Associate Dean for Medical Education

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences


“Excellent read... George Johnson has a talent for leaving the reader with lingering feelings of hope, honesty and caring… He makes you reflect on those little life lessons learned, which are passed on from generation to generation. After all what is real mentoring but “life lessons.”

Linda Davis

Senior Manager, Payroll Exam and Operations

Chicago Transit Authority


Only in America – Endorsements


“You will enjoy the book of just some of his life stories, but I really think you will enjoy just as much, the thoughts of your life stories that George Johnson triggers in his writings. Thanks George.”

George P. Nigh, Governor of Oklahoma (1979-1987); and President – University of Central Oklahoma (1987-1997).



The stories on the pages of Only in America are superb. George Johnson is indeed the most positive person I know. I wish this book could be shared with the entire country. I highly recommend it.

Frosty Troy, founding editor, The Oklahoma Observer


“With a very human style, George touches our hearts and gives us hope for a brighter future.”

Bob Burke, attorney, author and historian.


“His is a journey that will inform, inspire and delight.”

Ed Kelley, former editor, The Washington Times and The Oklahoman


“The only better thing than reading George’s book is hearing him in person. George is truly an American treasure.”

Richard Brundage, president, Center for Advance Media Studies.


“George Johnson has captured in his stories the essence of the greatest leadership skill of all – leading by example. Bravo George!”

Robert L Spinks, professor and director, MA Program in Applied Sociology-Nonprofit Leadership; and department chair, Sociology and Justice Studies, Oklahoma City University.


“George Johnson's Only in America is a must read. It is a testament to the powers of a supreme being that loves us enough to catch us as we fall with a smattering of humor. George not only has talked the talk, but has walked the walk.”

Willa Johnson, County Commissioner, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma - District 1


“I was delighted to open my mail box and find your book, Only in America. I have read it from cover to cover. It is simply magnificent.”

Jerry W. Friedman, former Executive Director, American Public Human Services Association


“I recommend Only in America as reading for classes and for those involved with teaching and counseling of male youth in any setting. George Johnson chronicled his stories so that others can easily learn from them.”


Donna Neal Thomas, RN, MSN, PhD, President, Metro Technology Centers Board of Directors, and President and Chief Executive Officer Emeritus, Oklahoma Health Centers, Inc.


"Thank you George Johnson for sharing parts of yourself with me and others who will read the treasure of stories you have penned. Only in America is our story – our collective story. We learn through the telling of stories, so Only In America is a learning experience that is well worth the journey you are about to begin.”


Dunn H. Cumby, DDS, Clinical Professor and Chair of the Division of Community Dentistry, University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry


“George, reading your stories in Only in America was inspiring. It delighted me even more to know you and know your stories. I pray this book goes a long way. God bless…”


Burvus McBride, PharmD, retired, Chief Pharmacy US Department of Defense, Tinker ABF, Oklahoma.


“George. Your book is wonderful. Your gift for telling these stories is great. Your stories are so many of our own stories, no matter where we are from. You have captured the essence of how we live grow. Bless you for sharing this with me and so many.””


Sr. Elizabeth Determan, ASC, Sisters of the Adores of Christ, Wichita, KS.


George Johnson empowers HIS listenerS AND VIEWERS!