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George Johnson is moving America to THINK!

THINK America!! THINK America!!! One of the most common expressions or statements heard from people today is, “I don’t Know.”

While there are a great number of smart people in the world, too many are saying I don’t know because they are not taking the time to ponder or think about things seriously – any things. There is more self indulgence than there is self awareness. Self Awareness is something we all need to increase in our lives…


George is telling leaders something we all need to know today; at home, at work and in our communities. Today, instant anything and multi-tasking everything – many seasoned professionals are losing their edge. George helps them hone that edge to a sharpness again. The Greatest Generation, Gen-x, Gen-y, The Millennials – What’s next? Every generation brings its own challenges to the table. With longevity increasing as humans live longer, they are healthier and staying in the workplace longer. The U.S. population has grown by 215 percent in the last 90 years or two generations. Economic crises have brought down giants of business, industry and government that were untouchable a decade ago. Change is constant, but too often systems want to implode on themselves. George has been pointing these challenges out to leaders and executives for years and helping them find ways to make timely transitions to more productive solutions.

George Johnson empowers HIS listenerS AND VIEWERS!